Nonfiction Editoral Services

When you spend enough time writing and rewriting a manuscript or a collection of essays, eventually you can't see it clearly anymore. That's where a skilled developmental editor comes in: bringing fresh perspective and clear direction for your work. When you've gone as far as you can on your own and need someone to come in and tell you if the plot is sound, if the scenes are engaging, if the characters feel authentic and real, if there's enough of you on the page to keep readers hooked, that's where I come in to help. From the big picture issues of beyond the "me" in memoir, frame, structure, character development, and themes, to the specific details like confusing transitions, or unearned endings that just a little more detail, I can provide new insights and provide guidance along the way. 
I worked on the agency as well as the editorial side of publishing for years, and also enjoy supporting writers through the often daunting submission process.

Editing Your Manuscript *:

BIG-PICTURE EVALUATION:  If you're not ready for in-depth line edits but just need someone to read what you have so far and make sure you're on the right track, a big-picture evaluation is a great place to start. In this manuscript critique, I'll read your full or partial draft and return a detailed 2-5 page edit letter on your manuscript's potential and needs, focusing on any structural or foundational issues that should be addressed in the early stages of editing. Flat rate -- $1,500

IN-DEPTH EDIT:  If you have a finished, edited draft and you need someone to really dig in and find craft flaws, it may be time for an in-depth edit. At this level, I'll mark up your manuscript scene-by-scene with notes, questions, and suggestions, pointing out places you could cut/tighten, and/or where you need to add more detail and reflection. We will also have up to two half-hour zoom calls. Flat rate -- $2,500

*Sliding scale based on need.*

Selling Your Manuscript *:

BOOK PROPOSAL CRITIQUE:  An outside eye is especially helpful on book proposals (whether you have a completed manuscript or not), because summing up your own work in just a few pages, and zeroing in on what will make it marketable, is many writers' idea of hell. Flat rate of $500 for a book proposal edit, including 2 chapter 

FIRST 50 PAGES: Big-picture evaluation of your first 50 (double-spaced, standard format) pages, plus a half-hour phone consultation to discuss your readiness to query, and next steps. Flat rate--$400

QUERY LETTER EDITING:  A strong query letter is your first impression on an agent—make sure yours packs a punch. Since I spent years on the agency side, I also offer my experience in creating an agent's list once the query letter is ready.  Flat rate-- $250

SECOND ROUND OF QUERYING: If at first, you don't succeed, try try again. Often after a round of agents' rejections, next steps are crucial. We'll reevaluate your query letter, your agents' list, and the agents' response to come up with an accountable and goal-driven process for the second round of querying.   Flat rate - tbd

*I will do my very best to help you make your manuscript, proposal, and query letter as polished and sellable as possible, but of course, in this unpredictable industry, I can't make any firm guarantees that you will sell your book after working with me, but I can promise to provide support and guidance, as well as agent suggestions once your query is complete. *

Important notes:

  • I do flat rates so we don't have to worry about how much time goes into the editorial process, keeping track of hours, checking in on additional costs, etc. This way we can focus holistically on your manuscript without time or monetary constraints. 

  • An edit includes one round of feedback only. If you would like me to read your revision after you've incorporated my notes and provide additional feedback, that will be considered a separate edit, with a separate fee

  • I offer a handful of sliding scale discounted slots for essay and query letter editing, and big picture manuscript critiques. If you are a marginalized writer who can't afford these regular rates, please let me know and I'll be happy to work something out!

  • Former student: I do provide a 10% discount

I'm happy to answer any questions, DM me!