The Writing


“What I Stole From My Sister” is a story about a purse I stole from my sister and then attempt to sell a decade later. It’s about our relationship to our mother, and the indirect ways I attempted to take what is not rightfully mine in order to balance an injustice.

“A Small Mountain” is the story of a life in Wenzhou, China left behind for the promise of American opportunity.

Click above or here to read “Suburbian Vertigo,” in Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

“Coming Back,” published in the 2014 Fall issue of The Threepenny Review is not available online, the print issue can be ordered here. It’s one of my favorite pieces about when I stopped running away from my family issues long enough for a piece of it to catch up to me.

Click the image above or here to read about an abortion scandal I wrote about.

A Double X discussion was written on the article I published in Jezebel, click the image above or here to check it out.

Read the original abortion scam article on XO Jane, click the image above or here to read.